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There are FOUR PARTS to Medicare: Part A, B, C, and D

Before you do anything, BE SURE you know and understand how these PARTS work together, or separately, to provide you with CHOICES that will determine how you receive your Medicare benefits, alone or in combination with other coverage, and how these choices may impact what you may have to pay for healthcare when you need it. 

To assist you, I have prepared a generic educational briefing that will help you quickly understand ALL the parts of Medicare and YOUR basic choices and options.  People tell me that this is more helpful in understanding Medicare than hours they spent digging through booklets, brochures and websites.  To schedule your FREE NO OBLIGATION briefing (either in-person or through online web meeting) just call Jim Archer at (512_243_ 5374), or email (Benefits@austin.rr. c o m).

Meanwhile you are welcome to preview sample quotes for a few available Medicare supplement plans below.  But remember, don't sign up for anything until you get your complete, free briefing.


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