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Discount Dental Vision

Employer-paid dental insurance is great!  But... For many people, individual dental insurance is NOT a really great deal. 

Most people buy dental insurance mainly to save money on dental care they expect to need and use: exams, xrays, cleanings, maybe an occasional filling or two.  Since the benefits are limited (with waiting periods, deductibles, copays, service and annual caps), and designed by carriers to prevent people from "gaming" their plans, most people end up just swapping dollars back and forth with the dental plan and seldom come out much if ever ahead.  And for the really expensive services like root canals, crowns, periodontal care, bridges, you'll usually go over what your dental insurance covers anyway, and then you are paying 100% full retail.  

For this reason, I recommend "Discount Dental plans" as a better idea and better value for most people.  In fact, it's what I used for myself and family for years now.  

These plans are not actually insurance, but "membership" plans with an annual membership fee.  Depending on the procedure and plan, I have found they will SAVE you at least 20%, and most often up to 50% or more OFF what most dentists would charge.  That can add up to a lot of money for todays rising dental fees. Plus, these plans have NO WAITING PERIOD and NO MAXIMUM BENEFIT.  

Is there a down side to discount plan?  Maybe; You MUST use a dentist in the plans provider network.  Some plans have bigger networks than others.  I've had good experiences finding good local dentists, and am very happy with the one I have now.  But if you want to use your lifelong family dentist, they may not be in the network.  Keep in mind that dentist will not advertise they are in these plans, but you can find out which one are on the website below.     

Got questions about how these work and what people tell me about using them?  Please .. Call me.  


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